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Mobile apps

Various mobile friendly versions of apps on the BGS website

BGS Geological Walk map

A walk through geological time at BGS Keyworth, now available to browse online


App for the geological map of Britain iPhone App | Android App ... and iGeology3D!


App for soil properties map of Britain | learn about the soil beneath your feet. iPhone App

Web services

Aquifers and shales




Web services

BGS are making more of its information accessible through web services to encourage developers to use and innovate it within their own systems. See how others have mashed-up BGS data. What could you create?

Aquifers and shales

The BGS, in partnership with the Environment Agency have published new maps showing separation of aquifers and shales.

Browse the maps and download the data.

The Carboniferous shales of the Midland Valley of Scotland: geology and resource estimation

BGS/DECC has completed an estimate for the amount of shale gas and oil in the Midland Valley of Scotland

More about Shale gas research

BGS-University collaborations

The BGS facilitate collaborations with Universities across the UK through joint ventures and appointments.

Read about some examples of BGS-University collaborations

Engineering Geology Viewer

A web-based version of the Engineering Geology map is now available through the Engineering Geology Viewer.

Centre for Environmental Geochemistry

The British Geological Survey and the University of Nottingham have announced a new research facility; the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry.

Visit the new Centre for Environmental Geochemistry website.